DEEPMAX - Z1 image library # 02

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Sunken plane detected with LORENZ DEEPMAX !

01.0-Z1-Sunken-plane-kl   02.0-Z1-Sunken-plane-kl   03.0-Z1-Sunken-plane-kl
04.0-Z1-Sunken-plane-kl   05.0-Z1-Sunken-plane-kl  

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Background : " Kinder von Kamp"

Deepmax Z1 / X6 in the field by customer
06.0-Z1-by-costumer-kl   07.0-Z1-by-costumer-kl   08.0-Z1-by-costumer-kl
09.0-Z1-by-costumer-kl   10.0-Z1-by-costumer-kl   11.0-Z1-by-costumer-kl
12.0-Z1-by-costumer-kl   13.0-Z1-by-costumer-kl   14.0-Z1-by-costumer-kl
15.0-Z1-by-costumer-kl   16.0-Z1-by-costumer-kl   17.0-Z1-by-costumer-kl


A real and true success story: Meteorite finds of customers with the Deepmax Z1
18.0-Z1-meteor-search-kl   19.0-Z1-meteor-search-kl   20.0-Z1-meteor-search-kl   21.0-Z1-meteor-search-kl
Extreme depths of search are achieved with the DEEPMAX - Z1, here in the field of meteorite search. . . .


22.0-Z1-meteor-search-kl   23.0-Z1-meteor-search-kl   24.0-Z1-meteor-search-kl

LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 - engineered to work on magnetic basalt
25.0-Z1-basalt-search-kl   26.0-Z1-basalt-search-kl   27.0-Z1-basalt-search-kl
28.0-Z1-basalt-search-kl   29.0-Z1-basalt-search-kl   30.0-Z1-basalt-search-kl
LORENZ DEEPMAX - Z1 tests, with equipment and accessories.
31.0-Z1-tests-kl   32.0-Z1-tests-kl   33.0-Z1-tests-kl
34.0-Z1-tests-kl   35.0-Z1-tests-kl   36.0-Z1-tests-kl
37.0-Z1-tests-kl   38.0-Z1-tests-kl   39.0-Z1-tests-kl
40.0-Z1-tests-kl   41.0-Z1-tests-kl   42.0-Z1-tests-kl
43.0-Z1-tests-kl   44.0-Z1-tests-kl   45.0-Z1-tests-kl

We do not make the metal locating different . . . we make it better !