Gold - Detectors


Special detectors for the search for gold!  !

There are metal detectors which were optimized quite especially for the search for gold. This one finds exclusively only gold, but a detector unfortunately, there is not this one.  This equipment is optimized in this respect that by often developed especially technology a quite specific search is made possible, e.g. after nature gold.

This special equipment is usably natural also for the quite general search for objects buried and been lost often.

 Metal detectors especially develop - for the search for gold

00.0_lobo_galerie   01_start_f19_camo   03_goldbug_spezial
Tesoro Lobo - Supertraq   Fisher - F 19   Fisher - Gold Bug Spezial
metaldetector_fisher_f75    04_f75_ltd_black    XP - Metalldetektor - Gold MAXX 2 -Power 
Fisher - F 75    F 75 - Special Edition - black    XP - GoldMAXX - Power 
00_xp_deus    01_eureka_gold.jpg-    00_gpx5000
    Minelab Eureka Gold     Minelab - GPX 5000
01_start_sdc2300    00_z1_start_klein  
Minelab - SCD 2300   LORENZ - DEEPMAX - Z1    


We do not make the metal locating and cavity search different . . . we make it better !