Basic information on location systems

Before you start looking for a suitable location system for your planned project, please keep in mind what your search task is, what do you really need.

Often, the one who is looking for the right device (s) for his or her special projects is completely overwhelmed by the "abundance" of devices advertised on the Internet. We deliberately say "of the advertised devices" because not everything is really true, what is posted, written and offered on the net every day.

We would like to expressly warn you against dubious companies, also and especially companies from Germany who advertise especially with the quality feature: Made in Germany, which promise you the blue of the sky and offer you exactly the devices that of course exactly match your specific requirements.

Therefore we would like to warn you explicitly and urgently against following devices like:

  • Long distance / Longe range - detectors, that supposedly show you the treasure / gold treasure / wanted over hundreds of meters - that can not and will not work !!!
  • 3-D treasure hunt with video glasses !!! Here you are fooled that with this "special technique" you can "see" the treasure / object with its outlines deep in the ground before digging. This technique does not work that way and it can not at the moment.
  • Devices for the search for water up to 200 meters depth - forget that !!! Large companies always have to drill to find these water reservoirs. Here, the technique of dowsing, which has been proven for hundreds of years, often helps - it still works, even if scientists want to vehemently deny it.

These are just a few examples of the so-called "magic machines" that these vendors are trying to sell to you exactly what fits in your minds / imagination, so these devices were built. Moreover, these devices are extremely overpriced and have only one purpose - to deceive you and to pull the money out of your pocket. The worst part of it is that these dubious devices are not really working, they look very good, are well made on the outside and that's exactly what the end customer falls for. Often these devices are also indicated with inaccessible search tires.

At DSKD Detector-Scout, we offer specialized systems from well-known manufacturers that have been on the market for many years, even some decades, and that build well-designed devices that are even used in the military sector. These special systems offered by us have a real purpose to do the best and best to fulfill the search tasks without drifting into the realm of wishful thinking.

Therefore, before you buy a device system, let us advise you and clarify what you really need and really need in the context of the really feasible. You can reach us directly by phone, Austria: +43 (0) 650 970 2000 or Germany: +49 (0) 2208 933 8 200 or via our contact form.

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