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26 cm searchcoil

This search coil was mainly developed for the location of very small metal objects like small nuggets or coin sized metal objects for example. The maximum detection depth is limited by the size of the object and the coil. In some cases it is easier to pinpoint very small metal fragments with this coil rather than with a double D - coil.
This search coil can be useful while pinpointing large metal objects which have been located with a frame mounted search coil before. Deeply buried metal objects can be out of the range of the small 26 cm search coil and therefore can only be detected with frame mounted search coils. The 26 cm search coil is waterproof and therefore can be used in saltwater for example. ( A telescopic pole with armrest is necessary )


26 cm - DD - searchcoil

A special double D version of this coil with separate transmitting and receiving windings is also available. This coil makes FERROUS / NON - FERROUS indications on the display of the DEEPMAX - Z1 possible.
Depending on the type of ground sometimes DD - coils are less affected by extremely mineralized soils but pinpointing will be more difficult than with a single loop coil. ( A telescopic pole with armrest is necessary )


35 cm searchcoil

This highly sensitive search coil has got very good depth capabilities on single coins and medium sized objects. Nuggets smaller than 5 mm in diameter should rather be detected with a 26cm search coil than with this coil due to poor sensitivity to very small metal bits and pieces.

( A telescopic pole with armrest is necessary )


35 cm - DD - searchcoil

Separate transmitting and receiving windings offer more stayable operation on soils with high contents of ironoxides ( minerals ). Pinpointing small metal pieces is very easy with the double - D - searchcoil, which can be used for most search applications.

Separate transmitting and receiving windings offer more stayable operation on soils with high contents of ironoxides ( minerals ).

This coil is required for ferrous/non-ferrous indications.

( A telescopic pole with armrest is necessary )

  35 cm doppel DD - Sonde

45 cm - searchcoil

This searchcoil can be operated by a single person ( weighs only 600 g ). It offers extreme depth rages on single coins or bigger objects burried deep in the ground. Depth ranges of more than 1 meter for a metal object of the size of a soft drink can ( 0,33 l ) make this coil interesting for a lot of different search and locating purposes.

( A telescopic pole with armrest is necessary )

  45 cm Sonde - offene Bauform

1 x 1 m frame coil

Frame coil for the fast location of medium sized or larger metal objects at great depth. Can be operated by two persons carrying the coil with the supplied straps. The coil cable is protected inside the tubes.

This square frame is very easy to use and can be simply assembled or disassembled for transport. Small nails and single coins will be ignored automatically with this coil.

  1 x 1 m Rahmensonde

1 x 1 m double frame coil kit

This specially designed double frame coil kit consits of two 1 x 1 m frame coils mounted on each other at a distance of approx. 60cm.

Because of its ability to cancel out interferences from powerlines or radio transmitters it can be used in urban areas where single loop coils will suffer from false signals.


  1 x 1 m Doppelrahmensonde

Universal kable coil

Can be wound to different coils:

  • 8 m cable coil : 0,67 x 0,67 m or 1 x 1m or 1 x 2m or 2 x 2m
  • 12 m cable coil : 1 x 1m or 1,5 x 1,5m or 3 x 3m

This cable coils can be arranged to three or four different frame coils by simply fastening one, two or three windings on a metal free frame with tape for example. With those frame mounted coils large areas can be covered in a short time. This is especially usefull when looking for bigger deeply burried metal objects while ignoring those smaller metal pieces at the surface of the ground.

  8m oder 12m Universal - Kabelsonde

Power - battery pack 12 V / 7,2 Ah

  • Additional battery pack
  • Charger wide - ranging AC - input 100 - 240 V
  • AC - plug ( Euro / USA / UK / Australia )
  DEEPMAX - Stromversorgung

Telescopic pole
  • Telescopic pole with armrest for use with smaler searchcoil

Adjustable shoulder and belt strap

  • for easy carrying of detector and the battery pack
  Schulter - und Bauchgurt

Extension cable
  • for frame coils ( 5 m )

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