02 - Target Identification

The X5 /  X6 - series detectors offer two different target identifications namely a FE - Ferrous / NON - Ferrous.

  • Non - Ferrous indication which is only working when a DD - coil is connected and a time delay reading of the eddy currents produced in conducting materials like metals which works with any coil connected.
  • Both indications give a hint on the probable kind of metal being detected.
  • Please find a table of different metals and there corresponding numbers being taken.
  • The FE / NON - FE indication is based on a motion circuit, therefore the coil has to be moved over the metal object to achieve an indication.
  • The Number for the time delay measurement is static and will come on when certain intensity is reached and stays on as long as the coil is over the target.


enlarge / 006 = low conductivity, small NON - Ferrous - object
enlarge / 058 = middle conductivity, large - Ferrous - object
enlarge / 092 = high conductivity, large NON - Ferrous - object

000 - 099 TIME DELAY reading

A time delay reading which is mainly derived from the conductivity, permeability and the object’s size is displayed with a specific number on the LC Display.

Possible examples :

( 000 - 020 coin or piece of foil, 030-060 iron, 060 - 099 large copper or silver object )

The indication is displayed as long as the coil is over the target. Any metal object detected will give a specific number ( 000 to 099 ).

Therefore a certain intensity of the target signal is necessary for a time delay reading.The number simply appears when a reading was possible.The indication will be stored as long as the search coil is over the target and turns off when the search coil passes the target.



  • This function does only work with the 26 cm or 35 cm double - D - coil.
  • Ferrous metal objects like iron for example produce a FE - indication at the top of the display and Non - ferrous metal objects like gold silver or copper will result in a NON - FE icon indication when the searchcoil is moved over the target. 
  • The two icons will turn off if no metal is present or no double - D - coil is connected.
  • This identification facility is tuned to the ground with the GB automatic ground balance.

INTENSITY / signal intensity bar graph icons :

  • The signal strength will be indicated by the way of a large bar graph in the middle of the LC Display and an audio response from the speaker or headphones.


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