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Professionelle Ortungssysteme

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Delivery costs

Dear prospective customer,

many thanks for your inquiry for the delivery of metal detectors and special locating systems.

In principle, transportation costs and payment vary according to the ordering place.


Deliveries within Germany :
  • Either are carried out by advance payment.
    • We then deliver dispatch free of cost.
  • Or by cash on delivery.
    • The costs for it amount to 11,90 euros.

Deliveries outside Germany.

  • In principle, are carried out only against advance payment of the complete invoice amount.
    • Selling price equipment plus attacking transportation costs.
    • The costs for the dispatch vary according to the weight of the delivery and according to the country of destination.
    • We like to charge the carriage first of all for your delivery.


The dispatch is carried out with the internationally active haulier DHL or TNT here, as a rule.


We do not make the metal locating and cavity search different . . . we make it better !