DEEPMAX - Z1 data logger

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Data Logger Hard - / Software kit :

Data Logger to generate color, image, surface or contour maps with the Lorenz DEEPMAX - Z1, additional Hard - and Software is necessary.

  • A very sophisticated data logger function of the DEEPMAX - Z1 metal detector will take simultaneously multiple channels of data when you go over the ground and stores the information into memory when this function is selected.
  • After recording field data the Surfer Software easily and accurately transforms the stored data into color, contour, surface, image or vector maps on a computer in minutes.
  • An additional Scripter Software will therefore automatically generate twelve maps with each field. Six are two - dimensional and six three - dimensional. The operator can therefore choose between different gridding and mapping methods.

Data Logger The LORENZ - DEEPMAX Z1 Data Logger Hard - / Software kit developed by Lorenz Detecting Systems is first of all easy to use, very accurately working and affordable.

Only three controls of the DEEPMAX - Z1 will make data acquisition a pleasure for both beginners and professionals like engineers, geologists, archaeologists, scientists and many more. The users will investigate mainly for waste disposal, meteorites, or lost aircrafts.

  • No non - sense functions will confuse the operator !!!

Six different maps will be generated simultaneously when covering the ground with multiple tracks. Each scan / map is different depending on the electronic analysis method and therefore will not only give different sensitivity ranges but can be the key to the probable kind of metal buried in the ground.

There is clearly a difference in the signature metal objects and ground conditions will give for example.